Khalis Group is a market leader in manufacturing of Ghee,
Cooking Oil and recycled fibre.

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Heart Board of Directors

The board of Directors tries their best to bring their extensive experience and expertise in relevant industry. Following are the board members of Khalis Group:

Rana Iqbal Hussain

1. Rana Iqbal Hussain (Chairman)

Rana Iqbal Hussain is the founder and the chairman of the group. He has a vast experience of international as well as local edible oil/ghee and seeds market. His entrepreneurial skills enabled Khalis Group to reach towering heights and a path to success.


2. Rana Tahir Iqbal (CEO)

Rana Tahir Iqbal is the CEO and elder son of the Chairman. He has graduated with a business honours degree from King’s College London. He looks after overall operations of the group.


3. Rana Omer Iqbal (Director)

Rana Omer Iqbal is the younger son of the chairman. He has completed his higher study from Canada.


Heart Technical and Outsourcing Leadership

1. Altamush Anwar Baig

Mr. Altmaush Anwar Baig is responsible for accreditation and outsourcing of the group. He is also leading the Technical Advancement of the group assets and providing leadership for process automation at all the plants.

2. Rana Muharram Ali

He is responsible for dealing with Government power resources, supply departments and other legal matters of the group.