Khalis Group is a market leader in manufacturing of Ghee,
Cooking Oil and recycled fibre.

Heart Product Market Watch

The main market of Khalis Ghee and Cooking Oil is Lahore but it’s expanding to other cities of Punjab as well. We are planning to capture the consumer market of SIndh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

As far as By-Products are concerned the market of Soap is linked with Ghee & Cooking Oil. The main areas of supply are Lahore, Sheikhupura and Okara district. The market of CO2 is all over Punjab because it is being consumed in beverages (for carbonated drinks), fire extinguishers and to some extent in furnaces.

The market of Oil Seed Meal is all over Pakistan and being used by livestock industries. Internationally China is the world leading oil seed meal consumer with minimum share in global consumption.


Product 1
Khalis Banaspati Ghee
(in Tin and Pouch Packing)
Product 2
Khalis Cooking Oil
(Canola,Sunflower & Soybean oil)
Product 3
Refined/Raw Canola
Sunflower (Vacuum) in Bulk
Product 4
Polyester Staple Fibre
of Different Categories
Product 3
Canola Meal
Product 4
Sunflower Meal
Product 5
Soy Bean Meal
Product 6
(Banaspati & Cooking Oil)
Product 7
(Premium Canola & Sunflower Oil)

Raw Materials

For Ghee Manufacturing:

  • RBD Palm Oil
  • RBD Palm Olein
  • Crude Palm Oil
  • Soy Bean Oil

For Cooking Oil:

  • Canola Seeds
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Soy Bean Seeds

The quality of edible oil depends on the crop, the presence of fatty acids and higher the level of unsaturated fats betters the nutritional quality. Saturated fats percentage contents of cotton seeds is 27%, canola is 8%, sunflower is 12%, olive/soybeen is 15% and corn is 13%. Rapseed and mustard contains high level of erucic acid and glucocinolates which are undesirable for health.

The oil content of some important edible oil seeds are cotton seeds (18-24)%, Canola (40-48)%, Corn (4-5)%, Olive Oil (20-30)%, Soybean (18-28)% and Rapseed/Mustard (32-38)%.

It is surprising that Pakistan even after more than 65 years after independence is still an agrarian economy. Yet it is unable to unleash and exploit its cotton seeds, sunflower seeds, canola and other edible seeds crops. Pakistan’s climatic conditions are encouraging for massive growth and plantation of these crops.