Our aim is to keep ourselves up with increasing demands of the edible oil industry of Pakistan.


Heart Our Vision

Khalis Group is committed to provide health and safety at affordable price without compromising on quality by virtue of sound professionalism, sincere endeavors, intelligent directions and skillful execution. In a bid to provide best edible oil and ghee products of highest quality and standard, customer satisfaction is a must. This will help in contributing towards a healthy life.

Heart Our Mission

In this highly complex, fast moving and globalized world, we are stepping forward to the future with strong commitment towards quality, quantity and purity of our products. In this context our aim is to keep ourselves up with increasing demands of the edible oil industry of Pakistan and deploy new efficient and improved technological methods of production whilst providing these quality services at affordable prices.

We follow good governance to become a well reputed and premier corporate entity of Pakistan. We believe that we will engage in sustainable practices strive to maintain a customer focused approach to anticipate the needs of our valued customers and ensure that our products are delivered to customers in time according to the required specifications and within our stipulated cost.

Heart Our Objectives

Our overall objective is to become a top market competitor in the edible oil industry by providing superior quality products, customer satisfaction, employee talent as well as consistent growth. The objectives will be accomplished by creating a workplace where our employees are challenged to improve our product work. We will strive to make sure that our people understand the link between their performance and success of the group; that goals are established, responsibilities are given and measurements are installed to ensure accountability, cross functions; and that we operate at group level with integrity where mutual respect and team work are more than mere words.

We cater to the ever increasing high quality demands of the edible oil industry and textile industry in Pakistan. We import, process and provide healthy and hygienic products to our consumers and to those customers who range from an average household to large cooking oil companies. Polyester Fibre staples are also being supplied to many textile units in the region. In today’s rapidly changing economic climate, we like to think ourselves as both challenged and fortunate enough to be able to serve our beloved country Pakistan.

Our goal as a whole group is to do just that as we strive for better and brighter future.